Unexpected Weekends

Living Arrows – 40/52 {2017}
“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

On Saturday, we packed the car ready for swimming lessons and a picnic. Except the car refused to start. Thirty minutes later, when our swimming lessons should have started, we were still turning the key and listening to a fruitless click instead of the ignition springing into action. Lily and Amy were heartbroken for the best part of an hour. The feeling of helplessness was equally as heartwrenching as wondering how much the repair was going to cost!

Cancelling Plans

We also had to cancel our Sunday plans to visit Flamingo land for the second time. The day out was for James birthday, and he took the news better than expected but was still very disappointed. As it happened, after several phone calls and a lot of googling & faffing, we managed to get the car to work again on Sunday, but didn’t want to risk a long drive.

A Quiet Weekend

And so we have had a really quiet weekend, and these pictures are from a walk, instead of the excited/scared faces of the children whizzing around on a rollercoaster.

Secretly though, it has been really nice to have an unexpectedly quiet weekend. It’s so hard to find a balance between making the most of the weekends and having time to relax and recoup from the week.

This week has been a bit rubbish too, we had to cancel all our plans with me, Ava and Lily all being ill. I managed to make it to my first slimming world meeting before the lurgy struck, and instead of slimming I’ve eaten ALL the cake.

Speaking Of Cake…

Amy has asked to bake a cake every morning this week. Every morning she has been upset when I’ve explained its a school day. I think she’s finding not being at home as much the hardest part of the transition into her reception class. When we had the chance on Sunday to bake, she almost exploded with excitement.


Bulls! Or are they?

Nope, they were cows. Cows who didnt even react at us walking by, except for a glance in our direction.

Can you take a photo Mum?
…because if one person asks for a photo sitting on a tree, the others cant be left out!
Brave Amy


Living Arrows

I’ve been thinking, maybe my bug is from #blogonxmas last weekend and maybe this is the blogger’s version of freshers flu!

8 thoughts on “Unexpected Weekends”

  1. Your photos are so beautiful! This looks like a lovely day out but sorry you had to cancel your plans. I don’t envy walking past the cows – ones with horns are scary! x

    1. I honestly thought they were bulls when we first saw them! I nearly ran! They were the tamest cows ever, they are such a friendly breed, they didn’t even react as we walked and posed for photographs! Thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 I saw a similar picture taken for a recipe and I had to try it, I love the result 🙂 I think the car is working progress, but luckily its a bit of a luxury as everything we need is in walking distance.

  2. Well it may not have been what you intended to do but you still got some lovely pictures. And that cake looks delicious! I hope the car didn’t turn out to be too expensive! #LivingArrows

    1. Thank you 🙂 The cupcakes were a bit of an improvisation after we attempted to make some ‘fox’ ones and they went wrong when I bought the wrong butter and had to use marge for buttercream! It was too runny to make the fox ones, and now we have a huge tub of extra orange icing!

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