You have been the centre of your child’s universe for as long as she can remember. You decide what she wears, eats, what toys she plays with and who she is friends with. Now she is about to embark on a new adventure without you and it’s daunting for both of you (probably more daunting for you!) James started reception last September, and Lily is due to start this September, here are a few of the things I learnt in James’ first year.

Biking to school

Starting School: 10 top tips for parents;

    1. Encourage Independence: Buy clothes and shoes that are easy to put on & take off. Velcro is essential.
    2. Encourage Responsibility: Let them be responsible for their own belongings, ask if they have remembered their book bag and jumper. That way it doesnt become YOUR fault.
    3. Label everything: I mean everything. Especially Shoes.
    4. Dont worry about being a Yummy Mummy: Such a thing doesn’t exist. The mum who has make-up on is probably still wearing PJs under her coat.
    5. Learn how to cheat ironing:
      Follow these tips to save a huge ironing pile, just fold and put away!

      a. Wash & spin on the lowest setting
      b. Empty the washing machine as soon as it has finshed
      c. Shake out the clothes while wet to remove some of the creases
      d. Dry as usual
      N.B. If you tumble dry, remove from the tumbler as soon as its finished and fold.
    6. White-board pen is your new enemy: It doesn’t come out of anything, and looks especially awful on white polo shirts. Take heart that every other parent has the same problem, and keep a nice new clean shirt in the wardrobe for photos/visits.
    7. Add events (like non uniform days) to your phone calender: That way you wont be the only person with their child in uniform. Yes I did that…
    8. Set an alarm: Don’t get too familiar with the snooze button, there is nothing worse than rushing!
    9. Be prepared: Prepare uniform the night before & make it accessible. Check book bags, sign reading records and prepare money for the school trip the evening before.
    10. Stock up on medicine: Chicken pox, colds, the dreaded Diarrhoea. During the reception year children catch all manner of bugs. Be prepared and stock up on medicine

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