Princess Lily, you are Four!

Dear Lily

I cant believe you are 4 years old already, you are growing so fast. It makes me a little sad to think that you will start reception in September, and that we will see much less of you.


You are are growing up into such a caring little lady, you are generally a quiet and content and you enjoy being involved in everything, yet you have a  fiesty and strong side and you very capable of getting your opinions heard, especially if you think something is unfair. You have a quiet confidence, and learn a lot from observing things, your love of watching everything sometimes makes you easily distracted, when you would rather watch whats happening around you.

You enjoy choosing your own clothes now, and will often tell mummy that you dont like that coat, or those boots. You enjoy wearing pretty girly things, but also like your jeans and pretty jumpers. You love your hair, but dont enjoy it being brushed, we style your hair differently for nursery every day and you know exactly what you like. This month you discovered you have ‘boobies’ when you asked why Amy had them and you didnt, you were delighted when Mummy showed you yours.  Daddy really didnt know what to say recently when you ran into the kitchen shouting, “look Daddy, Ive got boobies”

You love running and jumping and you are very good on your feet now, your balance is amazing. You can run really fast and you are good at peddling your bike too. We are hoping to take your stabilizers off this summer and teach you and James to ride without them.

You have a beautiful caring personality, when you are offered a treat you often ask if James and Amy can have one for later too. You like everything to be fair and you get a little upset if you think something isnt. You are very affectionate too and like to give kisses and cuddles, you love telling people about mummys baby, and recently you have been telling everyone that she can hear them too.

You love pretend play with Amy, she follows you everywhere, learning all you have to teach her. You love playing with James too and you got a bit upset recently when after playing together for a while at nursery, you had to go inside for storytime, but you  cheered up when your teacher said it was hometime soon and Daddy would be there to collect you. You and James are really competative and this sometimes leads to you being unkind to each other, but this is fairly balanced now but you both need reminding to be kind!

You are very creative and you love making things, painting, drawing and baking. Your favourite game at the moment is collecting lots of small toys from around the house and ‘mixing’ them in a bowl to make a pretend cake, you like making everyone a pretend cake.

You are normally very well behaved and polite, but recently have been going through a phase of demanding rather than asking for things, and we have to gently remind you to ask nicely.

You love your independance and we treat you and James the same, even thou he is 16 months older. You sometimes wake in the night and come into our bedroom during the night, you love a quick cuddle as we take you back to bed.

You memory is amazing and you are learning at a rapid rate. Your vocabulary and speech has come on greatly recenlty and you are very good at explaining yourself. We played ‘yo ho ho’ memory game recently and I was truly amazed at your excellent memory. You love listening to James learn and read on an evening, and you can almost read all of his sight words too, which is astounding for your age! You are excellent at writing too and you coloured a picture for Amy recently, and asked Daddy how to spell Amy. You wrote the ‘a’ and ‘m’ independantly and asked daddy how to do the ‘y’.

On the whole you are a really good girl, very sweet, affectionate and loving. You make us proud each day

We will love you always and forever

Love Mummy and Daddy


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