Hello and welcome to my first allotment tour video 🙂 I’ve been promising that I will start filming a tour of our allotment plot once a month, to remind me of the changes and challenges of each season. This first video was a huge learning curve but I am glad I did it!

A look back on the year

Today is plot 25’s birthday! It’s exactly a year to the day we signed for our allotment plot and I start our first video with some photos that show how our year progressed.

The new structure

When we first started structuring our allotment we decided on 4m x 4 m wide beds.  A few months into growing, I discovered I was walking on my beds a lot, which compacted the soil, making it harder to dig. through the growing season. I’ve decided to restructure the plot and work with smaller beds. This does decrease my growing area, due to many more paths! Hopefully, it will mean better soil health and easier to manage beds.

New grass paths

I walked on our new grass paths for the first time whilst filming this video. Because it’s so muddy, I will continue to avoid them again until they are cut for the first time in Spring! I am so pleased with how they are growing, and I just hope I don’t spend too much time mowing them in the summer!

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