In February, I wrote about our month being filled with Chicken Pox, we continued the theme into March, with my two littlest ladies getting it. Everyone says its much easier to deal with when they are babies, but for us that wasn’t the case! Ava was our worst affected, and the poor thing couldn’t even tell us where it was hurting most, so we had to guess how we could comfort her the most. I remember the smell of calamine lotion vividly from my childhood, I wonder if my children will have similar memories.

This Month

Our financial journey

One of the biggest decisions I have made this month is to decide to write about our financial journey. In 2014, after 6 long years we became debt free, and since then we have continued to live simply and overpay our mortgage, with the vision of being mortgage free by forty. At the moment, with our current budget, we are set to become mortgage free by December 2024, paying our mortgage off almost 9 years early, and saving over 20k in interest. I will be 38 years old, and Mr T will be 40. We are hoping to increase this, to enable us to become mortgage free before Mr T celebrates his 40th birthday in February of 2024.

A fresh coat of paint

We decided as spring was on our doorstep, and the growing season imminent, we would spend March working on our house and finishing decorating. Our living room is finished and is now a pale grey and white, and we have a few finishing touches to add to the girl’s bedroom. We are on a budget, and this mostly involved lots of white paint to cover the grubby & dull magnolia, with lovely fresh white paint, its amazing what a difference a fresh coat of paint can do!

The ‘Kondo’ affect

At the beginning of the month, I read a book called “The life changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo. I normally avoid all books which promise to be life-changing, but it came highly recommended by a friend, so I decided to suck-it-up and read. I found myself nodding along, and occasionally shaking my head**. Marie has a lot of passion which is truly inspiring, and it really fits in with our attempts to simplify our lifestyle. I have since been on a mission to ‘Kondo’ things away, and honestly, its has definitely helped, and i wrote about that here.

**I won’t be ‘freeing my socks’ anytime soon.


family portrait march 2016

Mummy is loving…

Dreaming of a small holding
Planning the allotment for the growing season
Minimalism and the positive effect on our house and lives
The children being at home for Easter
Pricing up incubators to buy & watch our own chickens hatch

 Daddy is loving…

Mummy’s small holding mid-life crisis!
How happy Mummy was with her greenhouse staging he built
Playing Rimworld (just a strategy game, but it sounds wrong doesn’t it!)

James is loving…

Boom beach
Watching Minecraft videos
Making people laugh
Helping Daddy build a chicken coop

Lily is loving…

Spending time with Ava
Looking for bugs
Baking with Mummy
Her new bedroom and bunk bed

Amy is loving…

Team Umizoomi
Being back at nursery
Watching Netflix on a tablet instead of the TV
Cuddles and shoulder rides

Ava is loving…

Crawling upstairs
Playing with the wooden play cube
All animals, especially cats and dogs

Next Month

April marks the start of our growing season here in Yorkshire. Lots of other people have started already, but we are slightly further north and colder, it always means we are a few weeks behind our southern counterparts (frustratingly!). We have huge plans to become more self-sufficient, which will reduce our carbon footprint, save us money, give us exercise and most importantly almost free, organic healthy food.

Our March Photo

Our picture this month was taken near our allotment, on the way to work on our chicken coop, hence all the wellies!


Some more favourites

I love how the big three are cuddling on this photo


This was one of the out-takes as I was setting up the camera and tripod. J & L are thick as thieves as usual, and I think Amy is playing with Avas foot to try and get her attention!


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