We have had an AMAZING august. We started the month by spending two gorgeous weeks in cornwall, followed by a good mix of days out, relaxing days at home and catching up with friends.

Our Holiday To Cornwall

We have some fantastic memories from our holiday to cornwall. We took four children, aged 6 and under camping (Yes, we are crazy) As expected, we were busy every day, but the children loved every second. We had an amazing time on some of the most gorgeous beaches I have ever visited. We also enjoyed visiting National Trust properties, Newquay, the beautiful cobbled streets of St Ives and crabbing in Padstow.

A Good Balance

I love the relaxed mornings and bedtimes that the summer holidays bring. No rushing to get dressed or eat breakfast, we can relax and just enjoy each others company before Mr T goes to work. Relaxed evenings have brought us extra family film time, and even extra time playing games and baking. The later nights however havent lead to lay-ins, the children have still been waking up at their usual time of between 6 and 7 am!

We have been pet sitting for the last two weeks, for Mr T’s sister. Her dog (A beautiful brown labrador) and 3 chickens.

Mummy is loving

Daddy is loving

  • Having 3 weeks off with the children
  • Spending time at the allotment
  • Pokemon go

James is loving

  • Watching Minecraft videos on Youtube
  • Creating things on Minecraft
  • Pokemon go

Lily is loving

  • Pokemon go
  • Looking after Ithica (her aunties brown labrador)  and their chickens
  • Picking her own outfits instead of wearing school uniform

Amy is loving

  • Pokemon go
  • Having James and Lily at home
  • Helping Mummy and Daddy (with the animals and allotment)

Ava is loving

  • Walking and exploring (she started walking towards the end of July)
  • Cucumber, pepper, celery and cheese
  • Winding up her sisters (and anyone else who she can)
  • Looking after Ithica

Next Month


September brings the start of a new school year. James will go into Year 2, Lily starts in Year 1 and Amy is starting nursery. All the children are moving to a brand new school which is opening locally, and I am hoping they will settle in well. It will be strange at home with just myself and Ava, but I am looking forward to spending time with my littlest.

Chicken Coop

We have bought an old rabbit hutch, and are planning on turning it into a chicken coop. I am going to replace a few broken bits and give it a fresh coat of paint. Chickens dont usually lay many eggs over winter, so we will wait until spring. We will contiune to build the large chicken coop at the allotment and decided if we need the larger one later next year.

This Months Family Photo


Other Photos

We usually are lucky to have one photo for this project, but this month we have a few!


This photo was taken on the boat, on the way back from St Micheals Mount. Ava is fast asleep on my back after managing to stay awake for most of the day.


This photo was taken at Glendurgan Gardens in Cornwall. We first visited 9 years ago, just after we became a couple so it was lovely to revisit with the children.


This was taken on the way back from Glendurgan, outside the resteraunt where we ate.

My favourite memories from August


I have wanted a photo in front of our towns beautiful Abbey now for a few years. I managed it after leaving our friends little boys christening.



This is my favourite photo EVER of my four littles.


At St Micheals Mount


Exploring Newquay


Ava loves the Tula carrier, and I love to see Mr T carrying her.


Trouble! These two are so close, they have a fab relationship, even when they bicker!


I love this photo of Amy, her eyes are almost dancing with that beautiful smile.


My explorer


My beautiful, thoughtful caring girl.

I hope everyone has a fantastic September, see you next month.

The Me and Mine Project

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