A Family Portrait In December {2014}

The festive period is over, all the presents are unwrapped and we finally opened the last boxed toy yesterday. Our cupboards are full of chocolate which we will probably still be eating at easter and we all are looking slightly plumper from indulging in extra desserts! December 2014 has been an exhausting month for us, and as much as we have enjoyed the festivities, we are all looking forward to the new year.

We all started this month with colds, and spent the first two weeks taking it in turns to share the flu and diarrhea and sickness. The worst point was both myself and Mr Owl having flu at the same time and the children also being under the weather. Luckily, towards the end of the month we all improved and despite feeling a bit rundown we were all able to recover for Chrismas.

One of highlights of this month had to be watching James in his first Nativity at school. All the children did an incredible job, and James sang the songs and played the DVD so much that Lily now knows most of the words, and Amy loves dancing along whist pointing at James (who is sat at the front of the stage dressed as a cat)

Christmas Day was really special. James and Lily were really excited and although Amy didnt understand she loved the commotion and joined in opening presents with as much vigor as the big two. My favourite part of the day was all sitting down together to eat Christmas Dinner as a family.

Our other highlight of this year was our 20 week scan. Pregnancy really takes its tole on my body, everyday feels like an uphill stuggle, but knowing this will be my last pregnancy I am really trying to savour each moment. Seeing that little person on screen is magical, and hearing that our little one is healthy and happy is all i could wish for. We also found out that we are having another little girl!

We are looking forward to meeting our new addition in May 2015, and hopefully Mr Owl will have a sucessful operation on his back and feel much better. He has a slipped disc and he experiences so much pain each day yet he still smiles and helps us all so much, I really hope this operation eases his pain.

I first heard about this project from Katie at MummyDaddyMe and it inspired me to join in and capture some memories as we grow. Children grow so fast, especially in the first few years and although we love photographs, we often forget to include the entire family. I do prefer to be behind the camera, but having pictures of us all together is really special.

I dont have much time to dedicate to my blog, and compared to some of the other bloggers who post each day, my blog feels very neglected. I love blogging as it makes me focus on whats important in my life: my beautiful family. It also helps me to focus on the positive parts of parenthood and enjoy each moment.

So this is my first entry to the Me and Mine: Family Portrait Project. I hope by this time next year I have 12 more beautiful photographs of my little family.


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  1. Lucy January 2, 2015 at 6:32 am - Reply

    Oh I’m sorry to hear your December started off poorly, we had our fair share of illness in December too. But I’m glad you were all better for Christmas.
    It would be lovely to have you joining in with us for Me and Mine next year. I promise it gets a bit addictive collecting family photos. And it is amazing to think you could record the year that you complete your family with your newest addition.
    Happy New Year! x

    • Hannah January 3, 2015 at 11:24 am - Reply

      I did have a look at a few of the entrys into Me and Mine, and it must be amazing to look back throughout the year, some of the photos are breathtakingly beautiful. We bought a good digital bridge camera recently, so know i just need to figure out how to use it properly, its going to be intesting to learn. Thank you for stopping by 🙂 P.s. I love your christmas tree and christmas hats!

  2. Trisha January 4, 2015 at 7:19 pm - Reply

    Glad you are all feeling better! Love this idea of me & mine. We had our last little one two years ago – really makes you appreciate every baby moment when you know it’s the last!

    • Hannah January 4, 2015 at 9:34 pm - Reply

      It is a brilliant idea, its hosted by Lucy at http://www.dearbeautifulboy.com and some of the photos entered are truly beautiful. They do grow far too fast, its nice to capture the little moments!

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