October has been an ordinary month in our house, and its SO nice to be able to say that. We have settled into a good routine with school, Avas teeth have cut through and shes been much happier and thankfully sleeping better, which has ment that everyone else has been sleeping better too. Whoooo! Oops, I just messed up didn’t I –  by saying it out loud!

We have also spent lots of time together as a family. We have been on days out, we have stayed at home with no plans and just enjoyed each others company. We also got a tiny bit of extra time to finish some of those little jobs that never seem to get done, like hanging photos and shelves. Its exactly what we all needed to relax and recover from all the colds and illness we have had over the last few months.

A big decision

We have decided that we are going to put less time into our allotment, and maybe even give it up next year. It’s been a really hard decision to make as we have put so much of our time and our hearts into it, but its a huge commitment, both on time and energy.

Its a bittersweet decision because we all love it in different ways, but we don’t get much time for oursleves or much time to spend with the children. I feel awful saying that because compared to others we are so lucky – Mr T only has a 10 minute journey to work, and I am so lucky to be able to stay at home to care for our beautiful children.

Its been really hard over the summer months. We spent a good amount of our family time on evenings and weekends apart, because one of us has been at the allotment working. We did this with the intention that we wouldn’t need to spend as much time there after the work was done, but the work never seems to be done.



Mummy is loving

  • Having a new routine thats helping her relax and sleep
  • All the Autumn colours
  • Starting to plan for christmas

Daddy is loving

  • Long walks and exploring
  • His camera, and getting better photos than Mummy
  • Family time and enjoying the relaxed weekends

James is loving

  • Playing Roblox
  • Conkers
  • Listening to music
  • Our visit to the pumpkin patch

Lily is loving

  • Halloween and dressing up as a cat
  • The rides at the pumpkin patch
  • Her friends Alice-in-wonderland party at soft play

Amy is loving

  • Making jewelery with beads and straws
  • Playing Minecraft
  • Paw Patrol

Ava is loving

  • Spending October half term with all her siblings
  • Being understood and talking away
  • Looking after her Aunties dog, Ithica

This Months Family Photo

This months photo we took on a day out to Nostell Priory with the children, to collect some conkers and explore.


Other Photos



My favourite memories from October


Hay bale jumping at Farmer Copleys


At the pumpkin patch at Farmer Copleys


Our walk by the river




Two little pumpkins!


Little Ava, Happy to spend time with Mummy


My gorgeous, better half


And lastly me, looking relaxed and happy and not behind the camera for once!

I hope everyone has a fantastic November, see you next month.

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