February has been a strange old month for us. We celebrated Mr T’s birthday at the beginning of the month, with a child free night at the cinema & TGI’s. It was our first child free night in quite a few years, and we both really enjoyed it, and vowed we should make it a regular occurrence, which probably means we will do the same this time next year! I know this sounds silly, but I find it really hard leaving the children with anyone other than Mr T. Typically, to make it worse Amy was sick 5 minutes before we left, Lily clung to my leg and told me repeatedly that she didn’t want me to go, and Ava crawled towards me as I was leaving with such a heartbroken look on her face that I nearly didn’t go!

This Month

We were on the countdown to half-term, but just before it ended we got struck down with Chicken Pox. While all the other children returned to school, my eldest two were cooped up (get it?, I know awful!) for another week indoors. Sunday was the first day we ventured out to take our #meandmine photo, and it was really good to let the children get some fresh air at last. The littlest two are spot free at the moment, but I think the chances of them getting it are fairly high, they spent all their time together, and even Ava was included in most of their games (whether they liked it or not!) now she can crawl!

Ava seems to be learning something new each day at the moment, she will be 10 months old soon. Her main achievements this month are that she can wave and pull herself up into a standing position, she can also coast slightly along furniture if something is out of her reach. I thought our house was baby-proofed already, having done this 3 times before fairly recently but apparently not! Ava is a scavenger, refusing most edible foodstuffs, and preferring to eat the tiniest pieces of nothing from the floor.

Its been a really productive month, despite the children being ill. I have been on a mission to declutter and live a simpler life with less ‘stuff’ and so far it seems to be helping, everything feels cleaner & tidy, and we have a better routine and there seems less to do. We have almost finished decorating our living room, it just need a few finishing touches, and Mr has built two compost bins at our allotment.

Mummy is loving…

Celebrating Mr Ts birthday
The weather getting warmer and nights getting lighter
The house being tidy and decluttered
Our new living room!

 Daddy is loving…

New Games
Criminal Minds
Making progress at the allotment

James is loving…

His Minecraft t-shirt
His Starwars shoes
Extra time off school, due to Chicken pox
Jokes, especially puns

Lily is loving…

Her new sparkly shoes
Hugs and kisses
Her Minecraft t-shirt
Time on her own with Mummy

Amy is loving…

Having her siblings at home from school
Playing games on her tablet
Checking for chicken spots (her words)

Ava is loving…

Crawling very fast
Joining in
Standing up
Pulling hair (We arent fans of this, she thinks our shreaks are hilarious!)

Next Month

I am really excited about March! Spring is on its way and I cannot wait to start planting. We have big plans for our allotment and garden this year, and I can’t wait to fill our garden full of beautiful flowers, our allotment full of healthy veg and our tummys full of healthy goodness! The allotment is also surprising good exercise (so my fitbit informs me), also something I really need after an indulgent start to this year!


The children and I visited our local Wilko’s recently, to choose some bulbs to grow this year to brighten up our allotment and garden. They had so much fun choosing their own bulbs, and they cant wait to plant and care for them themselves. I am hoping to make this a bit of a family tradition, which will add lots of colour to our garden. I am hoping to fill our garden with pinks and purples and take the other colours to the allotment. I have chosen lots of flower seeds too, and have planned a little cutting patch at the allotment so we can have fresh flowers a few times a week in our living room bow window and on our kitchen table.

Mr T has a third compost bin to build, and them he plans to start work on our Chicken Coop. I cant wait to choose our chickens and collect fresh eggs each day with the children.


Our February Photo

We were all so pleased to get out of the house together to take our #meandmine photo for Feburary, as it was the first time we had been out in two weeks because of Chicken Pox! And we got one with everyone looking, yay! This photo was Lily’s idea, the children all wanted to choose their own poses for photos this time, and I didnt really think this one would work but we tried anyway, and its my favourite, good work Lily!


Some more favourites

Ava is not looking at the camera, I think she is looking for some hair to tug! I love the childrens smiles on this photo


A picture can tell a thousand words? Amy was sad because she wanted it to be her turn to choose a ‘pose’, Ava is finding something funny, and I thought the camera had broken which is why i look confused!


This photo is one of my favourites! It was James idea, and he explained it really well! Its a shame that Lily as her eyes closed and Amy looks like shes having a wee!


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