I love and hate this time of year in equal measures. I love the colours and crunchy leaves that come with the change in seasons, I love finding the snuggly autumn clothes out of the bottom of the wardrobes and wearing boots. But there’s just something about the nights drawing in, and it being dark at 5pm that’s really depressing!

I have been fairly quiet on the blog front, mainly because I haven’t had much time and my energy has been focused elsewhere. The time away has given me a chance to reflect and I’ve decided to make a few changes over the coming months, including writing about the things I started this blog to write about, instead of avoiding them! I am not 100% happy with my blog name, Little Owls House was a spin off of my business name Little Owl Designs, and I don’t feel that it reflects this blog very well.

This Month

A room swap

October just flew by, especially the last week which was half term! We decided to swap bedrooms with the girls at the start of October, and our swap is now complete and our new room is redecorated, but needs a few finishing touches to make it complete, like our new light pendant fitting, bedlinen and a new carpet. Its shameful to admit, and it hadn’t really occurred to us before, but we have never decorated our bedroom before and we have lived here over 7 years! Our old bedroom was freshly painted and neutral when we moved in, our decorating budget was fairly small and other rooms needed more attention.

Our bedroom also acts as a mini office, as its the best space in the house for our computers. Previously they hadn’t really ‘fit’ very well, but now they really feel part the space and compliment the room well. We are really pleased with the finished bedroom / office, its mostly black, white and grey with touches of colour. It feel very clean and minimal, and almost industrial & masculine in parts, but the bedlinen, mirrors and prints help balance it and make it more personal, homely and feminine.

Lily and Amy were sharing a bunk bed previously in their old room, with Ava’s cot in the opposite corner, which was okay but it was difficult to check the big two at night and give cuddles. They now have the biggest bedroom of the house, and there is space for all three beds at ground level, its such a small change but the house definitely feels like it works better like this.


James has completed his first full month at cubs, and he loves it. Already he has learned about the highway code, made traffic light biscuits, learnt about the recovery position and had an Halloween disco. I am really pleased he is making friends outside of school and that he has settled in so well.

Next Month


I think I have found my next craze. For those who know me well, they know I jump from one passion to another. I was looking for the girls some knitted stripy winter hats (not that I am picky at all!), and I found a few that I really loved online at Zara, (especially this one) however I need 3 and they were over £8.99 each plus postage which is a little over my budget!

So Ive decided to make some… I’ve made 2 already in some test wool and they have turned out really well, so I will be starting some stripy hats soon! Thanks to my amazing mother-in-law for the wool, knitting needles and her confidence in me.

The Future

Preparing for Christmas

Its almost November, which means its officially okay to mention the ‘C’ word. I am so excited about Christmas, not particularly about the day, but about the traditions that surround it. I love advent, we normally have a Christmas “elf” who comes to stay and he gets up to lots of mischief and brings us lots of little gifts and activities, the children love him!

I love all the Christmas crafts and baking and school nativity and celebrations. I love our little Christmas eve tradition of hiding away watching a festive film, in our new PJ’s, slippers and a dressing gown, after a fun filled day of visiting family and crafts. I love the all the Christmas lights and decorations, and seeing the wonder in the children’s eyes. I love Christmas dinner, surrounded by the most important people in my life, my family.

The Girls Bedroom

We are hoping to redecorate the girls room at the beginning of next year, and replace their beds in the spring or summer when Ava is ready for a bed. We would love to complete this sooner but we realisticly wont have the money to start a new project before next year. The girls have decided they would love a white / pastel coloured bedroom, which fits perfectly as their matching wardrobes are these ones from Ikea, and we plan on doing this ikea hack in some pastel colours. We love the white bed frames from Noa and Nani.

Our October Photo

Little Amy is looking a bit sad in our October photo, she saw me cuddling Ava and Lily while getting ready to take this photo and she felt a bit left out. We gave her a huge cuddle to cheer her up, and she seemed happy when we set the timer but she doesn’t look happy in the photo, so much so – I want to go back and give her a cuddle!






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