It goes without saying that we love chocolate, and we happen to be a huge fan of surprises, so the ‘chocolate egg surprise maker’ was always going to go down well in our house.

The set comes with everything you need to make two eggs at once, and four eggs in total. (You need to wait for the first chocolate eggs to set, so you can remove from the moulds to reuse for the last two)

The concept is that you put a surprise in the egg, then put the egg in the mould. You pipe the melted chocolate into the mould, spin using the handle to ensure the chocolate has covered the mould, and then put the mould in the freezer. One the chocolate has set (approximately 30 minutes) you can remove from the mould and wrap in foil (or in our case, eat.. we didn’t get to the foil stage very often!)

chocolate egg surprise maker review

The chocolate egg surprise maker box

chocolate egg surprise maker review

The chocolate egg surprise maker contents

chocolate egg surprise maker review

This is the plastic shell which opens so you can hide your surprise

chocolate egg surprise maker review

With the chocolate mould in place, as you push down on the plunger, the chocolate fills the mould. Watching this happen is strangely satisfying! The set comes with several sealable bags to melt the chocolate in warm water when these run out you can use freezer bags instead, but refill kits are available.

chocolate egg surprise maker review

Then you remove the mould from the egg maker and pop in the freezer for 30 minutes (we found we had better results using the fridge for over an hour )

chocolate egg surprise maker review

This is a rather pleased looking Amy with the finished egg!

chocolate egg surprise maker review

The set provides 5 pieces of foil to wrap your eggs in, but ours didn’t last that long!

Two very happy, chocolate-covered children.

chocolate egg surprise maker review

Chocolate covered fingers! Proof that a lot of fun has been had!

Our thoughts

If you have already melted the chocolate these are simple, 15 minutes boredom-buster to create delicious chocolate eggs, and pop in the freezer. They don’t make too much mess (to make, eating is a WHOLE different matter). The parts are quite easy to clean (easier if done immediately before the chocolate sets), and we were impressed with the quality, it’s robust and reusable. We will definitely make these again around Easter time with some surprises in the middle!

The box says the recommended age is 6+, but Amy and Ava (aged 4 and 2) had just as much fun with this as their siblings (adult supervision included!).

I think the idea behind this toy is to fill a gap in the American market; over in Ameria surprise eggs are banned (along with any food with a non-consumable inside) due to a law made in 1938, to prevent choking. Which means Americans can’t legally buy kinder eggs but can buy a gun… go figure!

Our top tips

  • Read the instructions before calling the children over to get started! The whole thing is fairly simple once you know what you are doing and has well explained step-by-step instructions. But I still wish I had taken to time to read before I got my excited and impatient children involved!
  • Use cheaper chocolate or baking chocolate. We used Aldi milk chocolate buttons with great success on our second attempt. Our first attempt we tried with delicious galaxy chocolate, but it is much softer at room temperature, which meant it was impossible to get out of the moulds without breaking in half.
  • You need to ‘temper’ the chocolate. This means don’t over-heat it; If you overheat it the chocolate won’t set properly or will melt more easily. The instructions say to melt the chocolate in water measuring 49 degrees, which is high enough to melt without overheating.

I think this is a brilliant Christmas gift for chocolate lovers or crafty children.

**We were sent the chocolate egg surprise maker to complete this review. All opinions are our own.