One of my challenges for 2016 is to take more photograph’s, and improve my photography skills. I have asked Mr T for a DSLR camera for  my 30th Birthday in the summer, and in the meantime I am practicing on my Mother-in-law’s camera which she has bravely lent me! I would love learn more about taking photos in manual, and not use the automatic settings.

After watching others join in for almost a year, I have decided to take part in ‘the 52 project’. The 52 project is a photography project hosted by Jodi at Practicing Simplicity, and involves sharing one photo of each of your children each week for a year.

In May last year I joined in with Me & Mine, a family photography project led by Lucy at Dear Beautiful, which involves taking one photo each month of the whole family. Taking a family picture a month has proved a bit of a challenge, and a few of our entry’s I was disappointed with at the time, but looking back now at our little collection is completely amazing and I am so glad we joined in.

Children grow so fast, and I love the idea of having a photo a week of each of them to look back on. My own little challenge is to take the photos without using the automatic settings, to help me understand and improve my photography skills.

This weeks photos are my first entry, and the last time I will use the automatic settings, wish me luck!


I love this photo of James, especially his smile. He loves making everyone laugh!



Lily is such a kind and caring person, she often puts others before herself, she is so thoughtful



Amy has such a fun and happy personality. She has a beautiful way of connecting with even total strangers, she has a cheeky grin and holds the most amazing little conversations.



Ava is our little cutie. Beware that smile though, she hides the most deadly teeth, and she just loves to use them.


I am joining in with Jodi from Practicing Simplicity for #the52project