Autumn is well underway, more leaves are falling from the trees daily and the colours of nature are truly amazing. There are so many photo opportunity’s, so many memories to make and to capture on camera.

Here is a list of  30 photos to take this autumn.

  1. Amongst the beautiful autumn leaves
  2. A leaf fight
  3. A wellie picture
  4. Jumping in puddles
  5. Enjoying an hot drink after a autumn walk
  6. New boots amongst crisp fallen leaves
  7. Making an autumn leaf picture
  8. Proudly holding a carefully carved pumpkin
  9. A family feet photo, in a line on the sofa your favourite Autumn film
  10. Toasting marshmallows on an open fire
  11. Having a bonfire
  12. All wrapped up for bonfire night.
  13. Your bonfire night food
  14. Planting spring bulbs
  15. Sat around the table eating your favourite autumn meal.
  16. All wrapped up in a cosy Jumper
  17. Holding a favourite coloured leaf
  18. Standing under a colourful autumn tree
  19. Dressed in Halloween outfits
  20. Doing Halloween crafting
  21. Your favourite Halloween food
  22. Photo before trick or treating
  23. Photo after trick or treating, with treat buckets!
  24. Planting spring bulbs
  25. Blackberry or Apple picking
  26. Making a fruit pie or crumble
  27. Autumn harvests
  28. Eating homemade soup or casserole
  29. All wrapped up in hats / scarves /gloves
  30. Riding a bike through the fallen leaves
  31. You favourite autumn outfit

Wouldn’t they make an amazing photo book of memories?